About me

I have always been interested in spiritual study,s. I started really digging when i was at the age 16. I started with tarot cards, meditation and took a bunch of courses and workshops.

At the age 18 i took a healing education in Denmark to become a professional healer.

I started working as a healer at home in Norway and have done that since.

My real love for astrology came when i started at the astrology school Herkules in Oslo, Norway in 2009. This is a two year study in classical astrology and three years with specializing in esoteric astrology. This was something known to me and I felt that I have done astrology for many lifetimes. I had the sensational feeling of coming home.


Esoteric astrology is my biggest interest along with other esoteric themes within teosophy and other ancient studies.

I am a student at the Arcane school and have daily meditations and studies to become as conscious as i can as a teacher and as a soul.

I want to help as many as possible to become who they really are, and understand things from a bigger perspective, so that it is easier to forgive and understand that things happen for a reason. It is how we deal with it that makes the great difference.


I also have a education as a yoga instructor and i use my knowledge in astrology to have teraputic sessions in yoga to help people heal not only from a mental perspective but also emotional and fysical.


I love holding lectures about esoteric themes not only astrology related but also about themes as death, the nature of the soul and our energy bodies.


I want to do as much service as i am able to in the world. With my reachable knowledge and love.


My personal birth date are 20.5.85 time: 06:29am Bergen Norway

I live on sotra island outside Bergen where i also have my office.