Workshops and lectures

Workshops and lectures

Lecture at the Ozora festival in Hungary.

Saturday 6,august in chambok house.


The astrological time now


Astroyoga The new moon

27.10. sotra alt.senter







june 12-16 2017 in London En England


Join us on this deep, cleansing journey back to the past. Here we will work on everything that is holding us back from living a life of love and presence. We will work on trauma, grief, past lives, and the physical body through yoga, the emotional body through openness and good exercises, and the mental body through meditation. We will also be travelling to magical places such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill.


All participants will receive a 45-minute personal horoscope reading before departure, detailing the most important signatures of the map relating to past lives and karma.


The first three days we will be at the hotel Mayflower in beautiful conference facilities both indoors and outdoors.


The hotel is located near many big attractions and there will be time for sightseeing for those who wish.


Day 1: Welcome. Astrologer Katharina Westblikk will take you through the astrological aspects of the past, trauma and past lives, and show you how we can find these signatures in our own map. We will finish with a meditation.


Day 2: Astroyoga with Katharina Westblikk. We will work on the past through breathing, meditation and healing. We will work on diving deep into ourselves and resolving issues that are holding us back in life, discovering the events that may have triggered them, where they are stored in the body and how we can raise our frequency so that we can see everything from a bigger perspective. The day will be devoted to resolving these issues, through astroyoga, sharing and exercises.


Day 3: This day regression therapist Janet Thompson will lead the program. She is currently touring England with a one-person show about past lives and karma. This she will perform for the group. Then she will have a regression session with us so that we can reach all the way back to past lives and map out what we brought into this incarnation. There will be more information about Janet on the site.


Day 4: (OPTIONAL) The price will be reduced if you don’t participate this day. Here we change location and we will have a day with Andrew James Mulquin and Katharina Westblikk. Andrew will take you on a cleansing ceremony with sounds, smells and the kambo medicine. Katharina will be present as support and help to hold the space. (more info about Andrew to come)


Day 5: We will travel by train to the area where Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill are located. We will visit Stonehenge and feel the energies there right before midsummer and visit mysterious Silbury Hill and Avebury where we will have a ritual/meditation and gaze at the stars. (the workshop will come to a close after the stargazing). If we are lucky we will have a local expert of the site and the stars.


More detailed information coming soon.


Earlybird before newyear is NOK 5500

Does not include airline flight, hotel and train ticket


Limited number of spots. Reservations opening now. I recommend reserving hotel room at where they also have free cancellations. Hotel room includes breakfast and Wi-Fi. I will make a group if anybody wants to save money by being roommates.