Astrology Readings

Katharina TM Westblikk

Astrology Readings

If you live in Norway or are traveling visiting our country, you can book a personal reading at my office at Arhat senteret in Sotra, outside of Bergen. We will have a cup of tea or coffe while we look at your chart.
In case you are staying in another town in Norway or different country, we can have the reading online. I am using the video conference program Zoom, where we can see each other and the charts on the screen.
You will receive a video file of the recorded session a while after the session.
The first time, the reading is an hour and a half, sometimes a little longer,
to get an overview on the most important things in the chart.
It is important to think about what you want to gain from your session beforehand.

To do your reading I need: Birthdate, town and country of birth, and if possible also the exact time of birth.
It will also be a good idea to check some relevant dates before the session. Such as start of your relationships, birthdates, special events in your past, and so on. Whatever you want to dig into it will need a date and preferably a time.
If you dont know what you want to discover, I will do the researching with you and together we dive in, to investigate and take a look at what is important right now in your life, as well as past and future events.
Astrology is about understanding the cycles of life. Each and every one of us has their own personal horoscope. The horoscope draws a map of our soul and its intentions in this incarnation.
Why have a personal reading?
Many people think that it is about having your future predicted. This is not correct. Astrology is about understanding how the cycles affect us. We each have our own filter and ways to react to these cycles that moves through us. The signs are twelve archetypes that exist in all of us, in different ways.
By understanding our own cycles we can flow with the cycles and make use of them,
instead of being in a state of opposition and work against ourselves.
Life happens. But there is a reason why things are the way they are. There is a deeper meaning behind every situation, but since we are given the freedom of choice it is up to us how we perceive and make use of it.
What can you find out in an astrology reading?
You can look into a problem, situation, pattern, habit or

relationship and look at it from a bigger perspective.

Understand better why things happen and what can you do

to work it through.
You can gain a higher understanding of yourself as a soul.
The reading is therapeutic. Looking into difficult issues

and talking to an astrologer about it will help you get to

terms with the problem and understand it from a higher perspective.
You can get help with relationships and also use it as therapy.
You can get help from an astrologer to set important dates as weddings and other important rituals.
You can go forward and backwards in time, even into previous incarnations.
The astrologer will help you to better understand who you really are, why you are here and to see the problems in life as challenges . Understanding why things happen is the key.
You can decide for your self what you want to do in a reading. It can have all of the elements in it.
But if you want a session that goes deeper into a particular issue you can also choose between these options:

Personal Reading
Esoteric astrology: the nature of the soul intention
Karmic readings
Synastry couples reading
Personal therapeutic readings
Couples therapy reading ( both have to be present)
Baby horoscopes
Setting a date for important rituals or events.
Personal reading: Contains all the elements in it. You can look at what you want.
Esoteric astrology: This is a more advanced soul reading looking at the esoteric rulers in the chart and looking at the nature of the soul. Can also be for astrology students or people especially interested in the soul.
Karmic readings: Looking at karmic patterns from previous lives. Mapping them out and finding ways to deal with them.
Synastry couple reading: Putting the charts together is called synastry and here we can dig into the core of the relationship. What brought you together, what is easy and what are the challenges ? How can you understand each other better?. To work together as a better team. What can be a challenge ahead.
This is also a great wedding gift.
Baby horoscope: This is a very nice gift to give to someone who just gave birth or to yourself as a mother or a father. This is a chart to see who this little soul are and can be and how to understand the child better as it grows up.
Personal therapeutic readings
This is using astrology as a tool for self knowledge.It implies seeing the astrologer regularly and working with a specific problem. You can also get meditation exercises and "homework" for next time.
Setting a date: I can help you find the best dates for important events in your life. Everything has a horoscope. The birth of a marriage, a business, an idea, a band and so on. Finding the best date will help you achieve your goals.

Its all about timing.

Esoteric Astrologer