Yoga & Meditation

Katharina TM Westblikk

Yoga & Meditation

An astrology reading will give you the mental understanding you need to dive into your life. But to really use and benefit from the energies moving you, we also need our physical and emotional bodies to work together with the mental body. We can do this though meditation which is the way back to our soul. 

Our physical body is like a map of all we have ever experienced in this incarnation.  Our emotions run through the physical body. If we are sick or have sore, stiff or blocked areas in our body, there is a reason for that. Through yoga we can learn to really listen to our bodies (physical and emotionally) with a mental focus and intention. We use breathing to get conscious access  so that we can mentally work on it.

Astro yoga

Every New and Full moon at Arhat senteret. This is a therapeutic, meditative yoga in witch we focus on breath and intention. 

At the time of new moon we plant a seed that will grow to the next full moon when  everything vibrates faster. The participants will receive a note or a sound file explaining how the particular moon transit will effect them personally.

We flow with the transit through yoga positions, meditation, breathing and music therapy. 

Working on personal integration, and service , where we return the energy. To the world.

It is different every time based on the transits and the elements.


Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is held every Thursday at Arhat senteret

It is a meditative yoga with a focus on breathing.
We work to reach our inner essence by becoming more conscious

of our bodiesy, feelings and thoughts.

Fits for everyone.

Private session in therapeutic yoga and breathing.

Private session in therapeutic yoga and breathing.

After setting an intention we work with breathing, yoga positions

and therapies on the yoga math. Connecting and listening  to the

body and breathing into conscious awareness.

You can also have a guided meditation on a topic of your choosing.

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