Katharina TM Westblikk


Katharina Westblikk is an esoteric astrologer, teacher and lecturer from Bergen, Norway.

She is also the Norwegian satelite for OPA (The international Organization for Professional Astrology)

Katharina started her spiritual studies early at the age of 16, attending various seminars

and workshops in self awareness, studying mediation techniques  and started working

with tarot cards. At the age of 18 Katharina completed a healing education in Denmark. 

She then completed her 4 years long education in esoteric astrology at

Herkules Astrology school in Oslo, which concludes with 2 years of classical astrology

and 3 years of specialisation in esoteric astrology. Katharina has been working full time

as an astrologer in Norway since 2012, offering exoteric readings as well as esoteric.

In her work the soul is always in focus.

At the present time she is an ongoing student at the Arcane school, with daily meditations and studies she is working on constantly raising her awareness and knowledge to  improve her capacity of service to the world. 

Katharina is the founder of Arhat Senteret, located at Sotra outside of Bergen. Arhat senteret is an esoteric center for studies, workshops, yoga classes, music therapy, spiritual concerts and more.

She is also the principal and founder of the Arhat Astrology school, a 3 year long education where the students learn astrology not only from mental study but also through their senses, feelings and intuitions throughout  meditations, yoga, breathing exercises, and more.

In addition, she is a certified yoga teacher and uses Raja yoga (meditative yoga)

in combination with astrology, offering her own concept  “Astroyoga”

held every new and full moon. 

Katharina is involved in many innovative projects, currently working with a

music therapist on a new concept named Astro Harmony, combining esoteric

astrology with ancient music therapy offering private sessions for clients and

therapeutic astro harmonical events and meditation for groups.

Her main focus is to help others to be able to help them self by understanding their own true nature.

She wants a more spiritual astrologer community in the world with less competition and increased  focus on service work for humanity. 

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